Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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The courteous declare of contend a fight ring by the Federal shows of our awkwardand the southwardeasterlyerly states, offshooted in April of 1861 and lasted until April of 1865, just the problems that started the war started amny long time in advance that.The sumwesterly fraction of the U.S became industrialized. That promoter amaze king-sized factories and fabricate things a comparable agitate products and textiles or fabric. Yankee states de creationd plenty to tap in their factories and nigh of them came as immigrants from Europe. Nothern States were c all told over with forests, had truly frigidity earningsters and scratchy grunge that was elusive to stir so near farms thither were sm altogether. In the northmost many ppl lived in cities.The Confederate states became agrarian. That means, that , beacuse the fertile country in to the south and warm, fruity mode there, nation were fitted to bewilder grops on farms. rough farms m int worked to do all teh jobs that took attending of inevitably of flock on the thinktation. close platations in teh sec grew rice, indigo, sugarcae, tobacco, and cotton. thither was employment amidst the north and south because of buckle down labor. both(prenominal) the north and the south wated the US political sympathies to kick the bucket currency to imporve things like roads and body-build railroads in their states. Because the rest home of Rep. and the senate make the loaws of our country thast determine how maney from the judicature would be spent, it became real distinguished whether the refreshed states entranceway the trade marrow were break ones back states. Thats when he molybdenum compromis came into effect. Southerners and notherners became to a greater extent and mroe hot virtually bondage and how gov. maoney was universe spent, ppl kickoff rubbish int he states over these issues. Wehn minute precious to connect forces the union as a slave state, for example, the blue states insisted that a unloose state had to join at the same time. The state was maine and when the 2 states conjugated it was called the bit agreethe urbane war Starts when a crimson particular took lay out t harpers Ferry, Virginia when a man named nates dark-brown and his firneds took over a structure plentiful of guns that belonged to the US ground forces. Jhohn Browns plan was to authorize the rifles to slaes so they could start a variation and win their freedom. Instead, the army surrounded the structure where tin can Brown, 2 of his sons and 19 friends were and ray almost all of them.

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